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عبارات بیان کننده مقایسه و قصد و هدف


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clauses of contrast

1.    Although the ad said it would last for years, mine broke after two months.
I went to work even though she sometimes annoys me.
I like Ann, though she sometimes annoys me.

2.    In spite of (Despite)
her age, she is still very active.
being 85, she is still very active.
the fact that she’s 85, she is still very active.


برای مقایسه کردن از این کلمات استفاده کنید:

Although, though, even though, and in spite of or despite.

1. although, even though را همراه با یک عبارت به کار برید. although و even though را هم می‌توانید در ابتدای جمله و هم در وسط جمله بیاورید.

•    even though از although جدی‌تر و قوی‌تر است و برای بیان مقایسه‌های بزرگ و متعجب کننده استفاده می‌شود.

•    though از although غیر رسمی‌تر است و فقط در وسط جمله قرار می‌گیرد.

2. بعد از spite of یا despite از یک اسم، یک فعل استمراری یا ساختار the fact that+ subject+ verb استفاده کنید.

•    به یاد داشته باشید که پس از despite از of استفاده نکنید:

NOT despite of the rain…

عبارات بیان کننده قصد و هدف از انجام کار

clauses of purpose

1. I went to the bank to/ in order to/ so as to talk to the bank manager.
2. I went to the bank for a meeting with the bank manager.
3. I went to the bank so that I could talk to the manager in person.
4. I wrote down what he said so as not to forget it.


برای بیان قصد و هدف انجام کار از ,so as to, for, and so that in order to, to استفاده می‌کنیم.

1. بعد از to, in order to, and so as to شکل اصلی فعل را به کار می‌بریم.

2. for را همراه با یک اسم به کار برید مثل for a meeting. برای توضیح درباره علت دقیق انجام یک کار می‌توانیم for را همراه با اسم مصدر هم به کار بریم:

This liquid is for cleaning metal.

3. بعد از so that فاعل به اضافه یک فعل وجهی (.can, could, would, etc) قرار می‌گیرد.

4. برای بیان قصد و هدف به صورت منفی از so as not to or in order not to استفاده می‌کنیم:

I wrote down what he said in order not to forget it. NOT to not forget it.


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modifiers with as…as…

My sister's almost as tall as me/ almost as tall as I am.

She's just as bossy now as when she was a child.

Their house is nearly as big as yours.

His latest movie isn't half as good as his previous one.

Our new apartment is twice as big as our old one.

The vacation cost three times as much as I'd expected.


اغلب از معرف‌هایی (modifiers) مثل .almost, just, and nearly, and half, twice, three times, etc همراه با as…as استفاده می‌کنیم.

•    بعد از as…as هم می‌توان از یک ضمیر فاعلی به اضافه فعل کمکی استفاده کرد و هم می‌توان از ضمیر مفعولی استفاده کرد:

She drives as fast as I do OR she drives as fast as me.

twice را فقط می‌توان قبل از as…as قرارداد:

NOT our new apartment is twice bigger than our old one.

درحالی که .three times, four times, etc را می‌توان هم با as…as وهم با یک قید یا صفت تفضیلی به کار برد:

The vacation cost three times more than I'd expected.


modifiers with comparative adjectives or adverbs

1.    The play was much better than I'd expected.
He's driving a lot more carefully since he got points on his license.
The Hawaiian coffee is far more expensive than the Colombian one.

2.    She earns much more money than I do.
Women today have many more opportunities than they used to.

3.    She's a little better than she was yesterday.
The later train is slightly cheaper than the earlier one.
Could you two talk a bit more quietly, please? I'm trying to concentrate.

4.    A: Would you like some more coffee?
B: just a little more, please.
We only have a few more minutes before the show starts.

5.    The taxi driver drove faster and faster.
It's getting more and more difficult to make ends meet nowadays.


1.    برای نشان دادن تفاوت زیاد از much, a lot, far به اضافه قید یا صفت تفضیلی استفاده می‌کنیم.

2.    وقتی برای بیان تفاوت‌های بزرگ از ساختار more+ noun استفاده می‌کنیم، much/ far/ a lot more را با اسامی غیرقابل شمارش و many/ far/ a lot more را با اسامی جمع قابل شمارش به کار می‌بریم.

3.    برای بیان تفاوت‌های کوچک از slightly یا a little همراه با قید یا صفت تفضیلی استفاده می‌کنیم.

4.    وقتی برای بیان تفاوت‌های کوچک از ساختار more+ noun استفاده می‌کنیم، a little/ slightly/ a little bit more را با اسامی غیرقابل شمارش و a few/ slightly را برای اسامی جمع قابل شمارش به کار می‌بریم.

5.    بعضی اوقات برای تأکید بیشتر یک قید یا صفت تفضیلی را دو بار تکرار می‌کنیم. وقتی می‌خواهیم مقایسه را با more انجام دهیم، قید یا صفت فقط بعد از دومین more قرار می‌گیرد:

NOT it's getting more difficult and more difficult.


modifiers with superlatives

It was by far the nicest of all the hotels we stayed at.
That was easily the best fish I've had in a long time.
I'm almost the oldest in my class.


•    اغلب برای تعریف قیود و صفات عالی (superlatives) از by far/ easily و nearly/ almost استفاده می‌کنیم.


the… the…+ comparatives

The more dangerous a sport (is), the more exciting it is to watch.

The bigger the car (is), the more expensive it is to run.

The faster I speak in English, the more mistakes I make.

A: When do you want me to do it?
B: The sooner the better.

می‌توانیم صفات تفضیلی را به همراه the…the برای بیان تغییرات چیزها یا تفاوت آن‌ها با هم به کار بریم.

•    اگر فعل قسمت اول be باشد می‌توان آن را حذف کرد:

The more dangerous a sport (is), the more some people seem to be attracted to it.

•    در این ساختار اغلب از more+ noun استفاده می‌کنیم:

The more coffee you drink, the less well you sleep.

•    وقتی صفت تفضیلی دوم better باشد و همچنین در عباراتی مثل the more the merrier می‌توان از ساختار کوتاه شده استفاده کرد:

The bigger the better, etc.

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